Stuff (and Thangs) You Didn’t Know About the Walking Dead

All shows have their secrets and while The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows in the world with a massive fan base, there are still some things that major fans may not know about the cast, crew and show itself. As we wait for the show to return this October and anxiously anticipate the big reveal of who got up close and personal with Lucille, here are some interesting facts about the show, cast and crew.


For Starters…

We all love the many “Stuff and Thangs” memes that are all over the internet, but many of us can’t remember when Rick said the memorable quote. It is actually from three Season 3 episodes titled “Seed”, “Home”, and “I Ain’t a Judas”. In these episodes, Rick would be asked a question by another cast member and would reply by saying “Stuff…Things”. This eventually led to the hoard of images on Facebook and Tumblr, all with ‘Things” being replaced by “Thangs”.

There is a Walking Dead Internship

You can apply to be an intern on the set of The Walking Dead. Imagine going to work every day and getting to hang out with the cast and crew, you might even get a chance to be cast as a zombie as they are always looking for fresh meat to join up. The downside is that there are more than a thousand applicants for the internship each year, so prepare to compete.

The Walking Dead Set is Eco-Friendly

Everyone wants to decrease their carbon footprint, even the zombies. The managers on set of the show have decided that it is time to go green They have started to reuse all recyclable materials for costumes and the backdrop in order to encourage a sustainable operation at all times. So that zombie that you see next season that looks pretty familiar, may have parts that were from season 4.

Did T-Dog Have a Name?

Poor T-Dog, yes he did have a real name. It was Theodore Douglas. T-Dog was played by actor IronE Singleton who also starred in The Blind Side with the same director.

Edwin Jenner Really Exists

Not entirely true, but the character of Edwin Jenner, the scientist that Rick and crew meet at the abandoned CDC was based on a real life scientist named Edward Jenner. He is the person responsible for developing the smallpox vaccine in the 1790s that helped to save millions of lives.

The Role of Daryl Dixon was Created Especially for Norman

According to the show’s creator Robert Kirkman, Norman Reedus originally auditioned for the role of Merle Dixon. He was rejected and sent back home, but he made such a great impression during his audition that he was reconsidered for the show and Kirkman created the character of Daryl just for him.

An Ode to Heisenberg

When Daryl first shows up on the show, you may not have noticed that he has a bag that is filled with Blue Meth. He describes his drug dealer to be very similar to the stars of another AMC show, Breaking Bad. We all know that Walter White would have this zombie situation cleared up in one season so that’s probably why he hasn’t made an appearance.

Another Breaking Bad/Walking Dead Easter egg, the red Dodge Challenger that Glenn uses to distract the zombies in season one is the same car that Walt gives to his son Walter Jr.

Too Much for HBO to Handle…really?

The Walking Dead was originally offered to the subscription channel but the HBO executives passed on the show because they felt like it was too violent. Did they get new execs when they took on Game of Thrones? Did anyone watch the Red Wedding?

Were You Watching?

Since many fans of the show were late to catching on to the hit and streamed the first season or two on Netflix, some may not know that the show first premiere on Halloween night, October 31st, 2010.

Frank Darabont Connections

Frank Darabont wrote and directed the pilot episode of The Walking Dead titled “Days Gone By”. Darabont has directed some of the most popular adaptations of Stephen King’s novels including The Mist, The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption. Darabont likes to work with the same actors so you may have noticed that some of the cast members of TWD have appeared in several Stephen King movies, such as Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn), Andrea (Laurie Holden) and Carol (Melissa McBride, who were all in 2007’s The Mist together. DeMunn was also in The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile as well.