Couples That Met On Set And Then Became Real Couples

We see romance on TV all the time. People go through break ups, make ups, love triangles, and the list goes on, but the real question is does any of this on screen romance ever transfer over to the real world. It would be hard to imagine that it doesn’t because looking lips with beautiful people on screen is sure to set of a couple fireworks in real life, I mean we are all just human and it is just natural. So here we look into a few times where exactly that has happened. When two people fall in love on TV and actually did so in real life, albeit not many of the relationships lasted, but we did all get to watch the spark ignite from the comfort of our living room on TV which kind of makes us feel like we were a part of the romance.

Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman

Their onscreen romance started on the set of Revenge, and in the TV show it was full of deception and drama. According to friends their real life romance is much less dramatic and much more straight forward. They have been seen happily together at numerous places and it seems they are getting along perfectly.

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley

As seen on the TV show Gossip Girl Serena and Dan have had several breakups and makeups over the series, but in the ultimately ended up together. The real life couple did fall in love on set, but sadly and unlike the TV show, broke up and did not end up back together.

Keri Russell and Scott Speedman

Felicity was always torn, it was either Noel or Ben. In real life she chose Ben, or Scott Speedman which is his real name. The couple dated in the early 200’s while the series aired.