Are Ozzy and Sharon Back on Track?

It appears that our favorite rock star couple are back on again after a brief separation. When Sharon Osbourne learned that her husband Ozzy had an alleged affair with a L.A. celebrity hairstylist, the pair took some time away from each other. Sharon appeared on The Talk in May just days after the news had hit the media and said that she just needed some time to think.

The couple had been married for 34 years when Sharon found some suspicious emails to her husband and led her to finding out about the affair. When the news had broke, fans of the singer and the entire family were in shock to learn that this supercouple were having trouble and had called it quits. But just two months after the scandal made headlines, the couple seem to be back on track according to a family source says US Weekly.


A Look Back at Ozzy and Sharon’s Relationship & Family Struggles

In 1970, Sharon Arden was just 18 years old when she first met Ozzy. Her father, Don Arden, managed the band Black Sabbath, which was fronted by Ozzy. Several years later, Ozzy was fired from the band by Arden. Sharon flew in to L.A. to meet with Ozzy and began managing his career from that point on. That is also when the couple started dating. The pair got married in 1982 in Hawaii on July 4th.

Between the years of 1983 and 1985, the couple had their three children, Aimee, Kelly and Jack.

The recent struggle was not the first time that the couple had issues. In 1989, following several years of domestic violence, Ozzy came home drunk after performing at a music festival. He announced that “I’ve decided you have to go.” Before trying to strangle Sharon. She called the police but decided not to press charges against him. Ozzy spent three months in rehab.

Ten years later in 1999, Sharon lost 100 lbs. thanks to lap band surgery. She later had the band removed and has managed to keep the weight off since. A few years later, the family endured a different type of stardom with the MTV reality show The Osbournes premiered. It was one of the most successful shows ever at the time for the network and cable TV overall. It helped to put Ozzy back in the spotlight and introduced the world to their children Kelly and Jack.

In 2002, Sharon was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Ozzy was the one who urged her to get checked out and stood by her side the entire time. The same year, their daughter Kelly endured an addiction to Vicodin. Eventually she entered rehab and went for three sessions before she was clean. Their son Jack also entered into rehab in 2003 after dealing with the pressure of his family’s fame with an addiction to Oxycontin. Jack was later diagnosed with multiple sclerosis just three weeks after the birth of his daughter.

In 2012, Sharon found that she was at risk for breast cancer, and after enduring a decade of battling colorectal cancer, she decided to have a preventative double mastectomy.

Facing their Battles Together Again

The insider told the magazine that the two have fallen back in love again. And that going to couple’s therapy has played a major role in their reuniting.

There was obvious tension brewing between the pair when they came together to announce The Ozzfest Meets Knotsfest in Hollywood early in May. During the announcement, Ozzy came out on stage and hugged his estranged wife while also rubbing her shoulders in an uncomfortable encounter. Sharon did not want to hug him back at all, says an onlooker who was at the venue. However Ozzy kept trying to put his arms around her. And later when the two posed for a group photo, Sharon kept her hands closed tightly together to prevent from hugging him. Yet Ozzy was willing to do whatever was needed in order to win her back.

An insider told US Weekly that “he was willing to go to any lengths necessary to help repair the damage that he has caused.” They also noted that the pair had sat down for sessions with a marriage counselor because Ozzy wanted his family back. The couple has three children together, Aimee, 32, Kelly, 31, and Jack, 30.

Sharon opened up to the Los Angeles Times about her marriage in June and talked about what she expected from her husband in order for them to get back together and for their relationship to survive the recent turmoil. She said that he needed to show “honesty and respect for the family.” If he wanted things to go back to the way that they were before the scandal was discovered.

As of now it seems that things are looking much better for the Osbournes and we hope that they continue to work through their struggles since they are one of the most beloved families in rock history.